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Some Recent Endorsements include:

“Because of your program, I made a conscious effort to meet new people each week, attend events; oftentimes putting myself out of my “comfort-zone.”

— TM

LDA Enterprises was wonderfully helpful. “'Often CEOS have a position in mind and are waiting for the right person to come along and HR does not even know about it.' As in my case, the position was created specifically for me and was never advertised.”

— IT

“Fortunately, I came upon your services and changed the course of my approach and boosted my confidence.”

— MJ

“The employment negotiation expertise you provide is Priceless.”

— DD

It has been 15 years since I had written a resume, looked for a job, and interviews. Much has changed in the world of job hunting, and you [LDA Enterprises] guided me in all the right directions.”

— DM

Thank you for the exceptional foresight, guidance, recommendations and overall expertise in working to rebrand myself to obtain an opportunity in another sector. There is no doubt in my mind that this opportunity was made possible by all the efforts of Mr. Alter and Ms. Campbell and words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards them. With their guidance and expertise, I was able to land a new role as the CFO in a different sector


Your council to me in negotiating the offer enabled me to obtain an additional $75,000 that I would not otherwise have received. Not only do I consider you a trusted and valued business partner, bbut more importantly, I consider you a friend.

— PO

Larry, meeting you was exactly what I needed. You built my confidence. You coached me and made me believe everything was not only going to be OK, but that it would be better than OK. You taught me the importance of writing a resume that truly reflected my skills and experience. You coached me on how to answer interviewing questions. You taught me the importance of active networking. I ended up getting a great job offer from the company. I accepted and love the role. It has been a blessing to me to have met you.

— MW

The job search process was more difficult than I ever imagined. I was unable to find any equivalent role or comparable salary in the workplace despite applying to numerous roles for many months. My interviewing and job search skills were terrible, my network outdated, and my confidence and emotions were eroding quickly. I was attracted to your experience, training skills, and most of all to the personal one-to-one accessibility your team offered, and I desperately needed. The methods were well beyond my life experience. Yet, they proved highly effective and allowed me to flourish by presenting my leadership abilities in new and relevant ways to companies. I secured a role as a general manager for a privately held contract manufacturing company. With your help I successfully negotiated a 20% increase in pay over the company’s initial offer, as well as one-year’s paid living expenses.


Your help in first letting me know that a separation agreement could be negotiated and then helping me negotiate was critical. The company doubled their initial offer and paid a large portion of your fee. You preached the importance of networking. As an introvert, this was difficult at first. I scheduled 2-3 networking meetings each week. I found it fun and valuable to connect or reconnect with many people. This ended up being the critical piece in landing my dream job. Some of the other elements you helped with and taught me that proved valuable included:

The resume – you were able to take my highlights and translate them into $. This helped both me and potential employers see my value proposition.
Interview training – Edna did a remarkable to preparing me for interviews. I was so bad at first. With her training and preparation techniques I became quite proficient.
Follow up – how to set yourself apart from everyone else with the old fashion personal thank you note.
References – when to provide them and rewarding your references after they have been called on.

— SB

Thank you for your guidance, counseling, assistance, and friendship throughout my search process. You and Edna were instrumental in my job search over the past 12 months. Your thoughtful guidance on networking asthe primary means of securing potential job opportunities was a game-changer. Your check-ins on my personal well-being were meaningful. Your commitment to me was differential. You took me to the highest level of connectivity within my network, which I will leverage for all aspects of business.

Edna was amazing in analyzing my interview skills and helping me to capitalize on my positive attributes. She spent a lot of time helping me become comfortable in my achievements and my results. Being able to convey my achievements with confidence and humility, allowed me to present more authentically in the interview. She exuded care for my well-being. I believe that this kind of care is the “secret sauce” for LDA Enterprises.

— CF

LDA Enterprises has supported me with knowledge and skills that I will retain and use for the rest of my life. My experience with your organization has been the most positive of all my career planning efforts. I have shared information about LDA Enterprises with many of my colleagues and friends as it is my sincere hope that others will discover, as I did, the outstanding value of your services and the positive life-changing effect it will provide for them. Thank you for your outstanding assistance and services.

— VC

I utilized Larry Alter’s services to assist me in trying to make a positive change in my career trajectory.  During the process I discovered that there was much more to a career change than just making sure my resume was current and to submit it when I found a position that appeared to align with my background.  Larry and Edna aided me in realizing that I was the one that needed to take control of my career and search process.  The foundation of this was their focus on showing me how to properly network to uncover the hidden job market.  In addition to networking, they assisted me in learning how to interview in a more effective way and to understand that any job search is a sales process where I am the product, so I must market who I am and what I bring to the table for a prospective company.

Larry was a key asset in negotiating the offer.  He ensured that I was compensated for the cost of living increases as well as an increase for the new role, which resulted in a 42% increase over what I had been earning previously.   Since this required relocation, he also aided me in ensuring that the total package was fair and made the transition for my family smooth and without a negative financial impact.

The investment made to have the opportunity to work with Larry and Edna was well worth it.  The initial fees have been more than paid for with my increase in compensation, but beyond that, I have learned how I bring value to an organization and how to best market these attributes.  Working with LDA was a transformational experience.

— RG

I want to thank you for helping me through the shark infested waters of the job hunt.  I landed a perfect career opportunity, moved light years ahead in my overall compensation package, and am truly enjoying who I am and what I am doing.  Without the coaching and encouragement I received, I am positive I would not have been nearly as successful.   You asked me to pursue opportunities where I would not have looked otherwise.  You promoted networking to the point where I thought it was a four letter word.  In the end, these actions are what landed the perfect job.  One CEO handed my resume to other CEO’s at a roundtable meeting.  I ended up interviewing for a position that was never advertised and had no job description.  After the position was created and I received the offer, it was critical having you in my corner helping me to negotiate the final compensation package.  I was able to add additional salary and benefits to my compensation package that I would likely never have asked for without your coaching.

You gave me great confidence in myself and the tools I needed to succeed.  I am very grateful for your assistance.  I wish you and Edna the very best, and will highly recommend your services to others seeking the best advice.


I benefited from LDA in many ways, a few of which are summarized below:

•The interview coaching session with Edna was Fantastic.  Edna taught me so much I the interview session.
•The employment negotiation expertise you provide is Priceless.  I did exactly what you instructed me to do and realized a significant increase in pay that was not  expected.  I was busy explaining to the President how she couldn’t afford me, while she was providing me various options to come on board.
•The personal relationships that I established through the LDA network will last forever.

Thanks again for all your advice, guidance and friendship.


I wanted to write this letter of appreciation and endorsement for the incredible boost to my career path.  Without both you and Edna, I do not believe I would be where I am today.  I am in my dream job.  I have many challenges opportunities, and wonderful people to work with and support me.  I believe without reservation, that your encouragement, guidance, support, and tutelage catapulted me to where I am now.  My life has become more enriched and rewarding.

I had encountered a loss of confidence and I felt I needed to accept what was being thrown my way.  However, with your invaluable insight and direction you were able to restore my lost confidence.  Your patience with me and accommodating scheduling enabled me to become more involved with your dynamic process.

Please accept my gratitude and heartfelt thanks.


 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Edna for your professional support and services throughout my recent career scenario.  It was a pleasure working with you to build my confidence to re-enter the career market, with the support of a professional resource and mentor.  I must say that I could not have achieved this accomplishment without your support.  Both you and Edna provided a compassionate, yet strong and professional avenue for me to turn to in one of the most unplanned and devastating times in my life.  Again, I to thank you for everything you did, and provided, and to be that coach I needed in time of distress.

— MF

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