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Effective & Knowledge-Driven Outplacement Services

At EmploymentClinic.com, we provide a full range of employment, outplacement, career management, resume production, and reference investigation services. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Products Include

  • Candidate Representation and Career Management Services for the Job Hunter
  • Corporate Outplacement Services for the Employer

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, we can help!

  • Are you discouraged because you can't find work?
  • Did you recently lose your job and don't know what to do next?
  • Has your job search gone on for months - with no results?
  • Have you sent out hundreds of resumes - and had no interviews?
  • Are you unable to get job interviews for the right type of position?
  • Are you getting interviews but no offers?
  • Did you apply for a job where your background was perfect, but no one called you?
  • Do you understand how to tap the unpublished or hidden job market - 70% of jobs?
  • Have you been passed over for promotion?
  • Has your career growth slowed or stalled?
  • Do you believe you are worth more than your employer is paying you?
  • Do you feel you have been discriminated against based on your age, race, gender, or ethnicity?
  • Do you think you have been hurt by poor references?
  • Are you an employer who wishes to support a loyal employee being terminated?
  • Are you an employer concerned about legal issues as you restructure or terminate staff?

Who are we?

The EmploymentClinic.com is the outplacement and career guidance division of LDA Enterprises. Our staff has a wealth of experience assisting professionals and executives to find new employment opportunities, achieve employment and compensation goals, and cope with a myriad of occupational and human interface issues. We function as the job-seekers Agent. Contact us now if you fit into any of the following areas:

  • If You are a Mid-Level Manager Striving for Advancement
  • If You are an Executive on the Rise
  • If You are a Senior Executive at the Peak of Your Career
  • If You are a Director or Senior Manager in the Non-Profit World
  • If You are a Retiring Military Officer
  • If You are an Educational Administrator
  • If You are an Entrepreneur or Former Business Owner

We offer aggressive marketing and support programs tailored to the unemployed, those that are currently working but who are looking to improve their lot in life, or the executive dealing with internal growth and political issues. Whatever the situation, our focus is to help you achieve your employment, compensation, and quality of life objectives. We offer complete long-term marketing programs to assist the job seeker in transition, and individually tailored short-term projects to support individuals in resolving specific career growth issues. Our other divisions and services include:

  • The Resume Clinic, which offers a full range of high-quality resume and cover letter products.
  • The ReferenceClinic, which provides reference verification services for the job seeker in transition as well as nanny/caregiver reference checking services for the family wishing to validate the background of nanny or caregiver candidates.

EmploymentClinic.com's Products and Pricing

At EmploymentClinic.com, we provide career management and support services in the following four areas:

Reviewing Resume

1 — Full-Service Individualized Marketing and Support Programs

The EmploymentClinic.com offers highly supportive and comprehensive career-marketing programs designed to help you achieve your career and compensation goals. Our programs feature five major areas of focus: A.) To identify marketable skills, transferable capabilities, and career objectives; B.) To generate the maximum number of interviews; C.) To enhance your interviewing and personal presentation skills; D.) To maximize effectiveness in evaluating opportunities and negotiating specific offers; E.) To provide ongoing counseling, coaching, and emotional support throughout the chosen program. All programs include the following basic components:

— A series of start-up counseling, coaching, and guidance sessions conducted through individualized telephone or Skype conferences.
These sessions will include:

  • A review and discussion of personal/professional history and career objectives.
  • Assessment of your marketable traits and transferable capabilities.
  • The most effective method of responding to advertised positions.
  • Using intermediaries (search firms, recruiters, etc.) to produce job interviews.
  • How to develop and conduct a productive self-marketing program.
  • Understanding and penetrating the hidden job market (over 70% of all jobs).
  • Utilizing modern networking techniques to result in potential jobs or consulting opportunities.
  • Use of the telephone as a proactive marketing tool in generating meetings, interviews, and offers.
  • Researching companies and utilizing that research to generate interviews.
  • Development of sound interviewing and self-presentation communication skills to enhance your self-presentation capabilities.
  • Important interview follow-up techniques to impact offer probabilities.
  • Analyzing individual employment offers and negotiating your best compensation package.

— The construction and printing of your resume to create a succinct, cogent, and motivating presentation of your background and strengths.

C — You will be provided with our published workbook and guide entitled "Tomorrow Is Today," containing important supplementary written materials to aid you in your job search. Included in its pages are examples of marketing letters for use in interview follow-up, networking, and search firm contacts. It also contains vital information on self-evaluation, interviewing, negotiating, networking, telephone usage, responding to advertisements, penetrating the unpublished job market, and a variety of other support and career development tools.

— Once you have completed the initial counseling sessions, we will be available to provide continuing telephone and email coaching and guidance throughout the duration of your program. Our programs are designed to provide all the tools and support necessary to help you achieve your career objectives as well as the support to ensure that you are successful in your new position. 

Fees are quoted on an individual basis and will vary based on our assessment of your marketability, the difficulty factors involved, and the length of time we believe it will take to reach your career objectives

2 — Hourly and Project Consulting Options

Hourly consulting help is available for the individual, who is not conducting a job search, but who has special needs and faces specific business or career growth related problems. We partner with our clients serving as coach, advocate, mentor, and advisor. Our advice is individually tailored to provide objective solutions in the due diligence, strategy, and decision making process in dealing with career and advancement issues which do not require a full marketing program.

All hourly consulting fees are paid as advance retainers. The following charges will apply: 

  • $275.00 per hour for either in-person or telephone consulting time - (comprehensive advice and strategy sessions). Initial retainers are for $550.00 (2 hours of consulting time.) After the initial retainer, time may be purchased in one hour increments.
  • $35.00 for a detailed email response to any one question regarding your career or $100.00 for 3 questions and detailed responses by email.
  • Discounted rates are applicable for projects exceeding 20 hours.

3 — Workshop and Seminar Programs

We offer 1/2 day individual one-on-one or small group workshop clinics focusing on the most important elements of the job-search process. These workshops will be held by Skype conference. Workshop Clinics are designed to help the job seeker to find and keep their next position:

  • At the conclusion of the clinic, there will be a 30-minute question and answer period to deal with individual questions and concerns.
  • Following the workshop program, we will provide up to 30 days of ongoing Telephone/email support to deal with any issues, concerns, or questions.
  • Each participant will receive a copy of our 240-page workbook "Tomorrow Is Today, the complete guide for getting and keeping your next job." The contents include chapters reinforcing the information included in our job-hunter clinic plus substantial additional material to assist you in your job search campaign.
  • The individual cost of this workshop clinic including 30 days of ongoing support is $499. We have pricing flexibility based on the number of people attending.

  • Please contact us for more information. 

4 — The Complete Job Search Workbook and Guide

This 240-page complete job search guide is a highly effective, no-nonsense, self-marketing instrument to facilitate and manage the entire job-search campaign. Contained in its pages are all the tools and information necessary to help your terminated employee win and keep their next job. For more information on our job search workbook please click here.

Additional Services Offered by LDA Enterprises

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