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Our Key Corporate Executives

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Lawrence Alter

Lawrence Alter (President and Chief Executive Officer)

Lawrence Alter is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of LDA Enterprises, an outplacement and career guidance firm focusing on career growth, reference verification, and resume/motivational letter services for executives and professionals in transition. He has over 35 years of experience successfully guiding thousands of professionals in achieving both career and compensation goals, and he is an established leader in outplacement and career counseling.

Mr. Alter has successfully developed and managed the efforts of three major Midwest-based career management firms. His marketing methods have proven valuable in assisting people at all levels generate new and meaningful employment, start a consulting practice or business enterprise, better manage an existing employment situation, or deal with the politics related to internal growth. He has been equally effective in helping new college graduates who are launching their careers, mid-level managers on the way up, senior executives striving for a greater challenge, professionals in the non-profit world, and those in their 50s or 60s who may be in the twilight of their career. He is an excellent negotiator and astute at mediating both political and personality conflict issues. Mr. Alter's clients have included a wide variety of business professionals, retired military officers, educators, and educational administrators, and executives in the non-profit community.

Mr. Alter is an acclaimed industry expert whose advice has been quoted in a wide variety of publications including Fortune Magazine, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Tampa Florida Tribune, Houston Chronicle, and numerous online periodicals. He has also been a career columnist for a major Minnesota newspaper. His column, "The Employment Clinic," appeared for several years in the Career Builder section of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Additionally, he has authored a highly acclaimed 240-page career management workbook entitled "Tomorrow Is Today," the complete guide for getting and keeping your next job.

Edna M. Campbell

Edna M. Campbell (Vice President Client Services)

Ms. Campbell has responsibility for designing and implementing all corporate marketing programs, designing and managing all financial and administrative policies, hiring and managing the administrative staff, managing all corporate client services and support issues, facilitating group counseling programs, and conducting individual client counseling sessions. Her background includes over 25 years of experience in the implementation of health care delivery systems, staff training and development, developing and conducting client emotional support programs, individual and group counseling, and administrative leadership responsibilities. She is especially gifted at the development and delivery of self-presentation, personal communication, and interviewing skills components.

She has played a key role in managing client marketing and goal achievement programs, the design and execution of mentoring programs, advising clients on balancing work and family issues, and managing the special issues faced by professional women in the workplace. Additionally, she has demonstrated outstanding success at facilitating a resolution to both family and organizational conflict, building and maintaining sound business and client relationships, and at identifying and resolving client problems.

Michael A. Campbell

Michael A. Campbell (Vice President Marketing)

Mr. Campbell is the founder and president of our global career management partner, FullEffect International. FullEffect specializes in creating and executing marketing strategies for high tech companies. Michael is an expert in marketing and brand development. He has extensive experience in marketing, product management, and new business development, as well as in assisting job seekers at all levels to achieve both professional and career objectives.

Mr. Campbell earned his BA degree at Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota and achieved his MBA at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. He is currently Senior Director & General Manager, Education Client Division Previously he was Market Global Director for Intel Corporation, in Santa Clara, California,  Director of Product Management/General Manager, Japan Products at Lenovo in Tokyo, Japan. Prior to that, he had also been with Intel Corporation where he was Regional Product Market Manager for the Asia Pacific and Japanese markets. Concurrently, he also functions as the Chief Executive Officer at FullEffect International. He adds an important strength for LDA clients in developing and implementing international client marketing programs as well as a sincere dedication to helping the clients all over the world achieve both career and quality of life objectives.

Wayne L. Freeman (Member of the Board of Directors)

Wayne Freeman has had an exceptional record as an entrepreneur and business owner. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Executive Suites of Minnesota, the largest upper Midwest based executive suites complex with individual offices located in three Twin City area locations. Previously Mr. Freeman owned Wholesale Lighting Inc., a multi-million dollar lighting fixture business with six retail showrooms and a wholesale division catering to builders and contractors nationwide. Mr. Freeman achieved his Baccalaureate degree in 1961 from the University of Minnesota. He has distinguished himself as past President of the American Home Lighting Institute - Show Room Division; Lighting Person of the Year from the American Home Lighting Institute; recipient of numerous Illuminating Engineering Society Awards; and has been cited by the Twin Cities Business Journal as the top Executive Suites complex in the upper Midwest.

Barry M. Krelitz (Member of the Board of Directors)

Barry Krelitz has a long and distinguished career in senior management as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Minneapolis based Twin City Wholesale Drug Company (Krelitz Industries), and its pharmacy management division, Viking Computer Services. He guided its profitable growth from a $35 million firm to over $250 million in annual revenues. He is a nationally recognized leader in the wholesale drug industry who has established himself as a significant business and community leader. Mr. Krelitz has also been the President of a national consortium of Drug Wholesalers; served as Vice-Chairman, Board of Governors, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota; acted as President of the Alumni Association, University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy; and functioned as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota. He achieved his B.S. in Pharmacy in 1962 from the University of Minnesota.

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Founded in 1980, L.D.A. Enterprises is a critically acclaimed Outplacement, career management, and candidate’s agent consulting group with corporate officeslocated in the Twin Cities.  Our company has focused on helping individuals to reach personal, professional, and financial objectives through effective careerdevelopment and management growth techniques.  Our three operating divisions are The Employment Clinic; The Reference Clinic; and The Resume Clinic.

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