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Nanny/Caregiver Reference Checking & Investigation Services

Because Ensuring the Safety of Your Children and Other Family Members is Vital

Protect your children and family members through a comprehensive reference investigation process! Most employers will thoroughly check references of potential employees before hiring them. Shouldn't you do the same before hiring a nanny or caregiver? Since the nanny's primary responsibility is to provide high-quality in-home childcare, and the caregiver's responsibility is to provide quality care and support that meets the needs of your loved one, a thorough background investigation on all candidates should be an absolute requirement.

What You Can Expect From Us

We will provide you with a written report highlighting all information gained through our comprehensive reference checking process. Our reference interviews do not necessarily follow a specific format. We use many questions that are open-ended and conversational in tone. We find that this approach creates a greater comfort level for the person being interviewed and typically generates more thoughtful and comprehensive information. As in our employment reference investigations, we pay particular attention to the manner of speaking and voice quality. We care about our clients and are committed to excellence in performance. Consequently, we are extremely thorough in our reference checking investigations. We want to provide you with sufficient information to make the correct hiring decision.

The ReferenceClinic has over 30 years of experience in performing reference investigations for our clients. In the case of nanny or caregiver reference checking, we advise the individual from whom you seek a reference that we are conducting a background investigation to determine the quality of the nanny being considered for new employment. All the information you furnish us about your family remains totally confidential. However, the information you provide may impact the type of questions we ask or information we seek from the referral.

We will also provide you with our comprehensive complimentary guide "The Nanny and Caregiver - A Hiring Guide," which features valuable information that applies to any nanny or caregiver as well as suggestions to assist you in making the best hiring decision and managing the subsequent employee administrative procedures. This 10-page guide includes: information on compensation, benefits, and taxes; features guidelines on the importance and content of an employment agreement; provides you with important guidelines and suggested questions for interviewing nanny candidates; and includes a form to track important family and medical information (allergies, medications, etc.), and important telephone numbers. No other reference-checking firm provides this free guide.


  • Any One Nanny/Caregiver Reference Investigation (Family or Agency) — $179.95
  • Two or More Nanny or Caregiver Reference Investigations — $174.95 Each

Your Reference Investigation Order Will Include

  • Our comprehensive report sent by email or if you prefer by first-class U.S. mail to your designated address.
  • A copy of our 10-page comprehensive guide entitled "The Nanny — A Hiring Guide." (This guide also applies to caregivers you may employ.)
  • For each reference investigation conducted, we will provide a free detailed response by email to any two questions relating to your reference report.
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Optional Services and Support Fees (Applies to all Reference Checking Investigations)

The following charges are in addition to all fees quoted above:

  • All Brochures and/or Booklets Will be Delivered Electronically
  • Reports Sent by Email or by 1st Class U.S. Mail — Included
  • Canadian Reference Investigation Report — $15.00 Per Report
  • Expert Witness Testimony or In-Person Depositions — $1,850 Per Day, Per Person Attending, Plus All Applicable Expenses (One-Day Minimum)
  • Faxed Reports — $15.00 Per Report
  • Reports by Telephone — Not Available
  • Notarized Affidavits Sent by U.S. Mail — $15.00 Per Report
  • Telephone Depositions — $250 Per Hour (1-Hour Minimum Charge)

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